To design a high-level booth for marset for the ICFF trade show. The booth needs to represent brand's essence and values. Incorporating the brand’s products in a distinctive way to create a high level of interest, the goal is to resell the brand through face-to-face marketing.

Design Concept:
Focusing on marset’s ‘dipping light’ in a dynamic way to lure consumers’ eyes to the booth, they will be used as an essential product for both photographic opportunities, as well as selling the product. Marset’s ‘followme’ and ‘ginger’ products will also be used as task lighting rather than just display. The booth’s structure will consist of materials the brand values such as raw wood, and a fabric used in their product ‘laflaca’. The composition will be clean and simple, as to bring emphasis to marset’s products.
The final model is built out of MDF, 3/16 Wooden Dowels, White Vinyl, Coated Mesh Fabric, Clear Mat, and Balsa Wood.

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