A Place to Free Your Mind. 

This is a space where you can go to relax and take in the sense of nature indoors. The combination of natural lighting and artificial lighting gives this space a whole new dimension. Walking into a hallway with down lighting leading you towards an entrance into an open space with large windows emitting light inside gives a shocking change of atmosphere. There are lighting strips lining the ceiling and floor on both the west and east walls. Special UV Track lighting is suspended above the secret garden permitting the plants to grow.

The entire space is geometrically reflective. The ceiling and the bottom floor are equally distributed, as the floor in between forms a balance for the two.

The monitor on the ceiling represents a contrast in what the human race can and can not control in the earth’s systems. It allows a demonstration of what earth can do in the aspect of weather. 
EX: Sun can be displayed on the screen while it is raining outside.

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