Are you a dog person or a cat person?

For years, cats have been misunderstood and misconceived by many in our society. Most people assume they understand cats but do not. The real history of felines is one of heroism, love, tragedy, sacrifice, and gravitas. Ancient Romans held reverence for cats as a symbol of liberty. In the Far East, cats were valued for the protection they offered treasured manuscripts; however, cats were demonized in Europe during the Middle Ages, seen by many as affiliated with witches and the devils.
The Misunderstood Feline is a social and educational space for people to learn how cats can make loving pets, and how to respectfully treat animals. The purpose is to dispel misconceptions about pets and inform visitors about animal welfare. By collaborating with local shelters and ASPCA, a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing mistreatment to animals, visitors will have an opportunity to observe and interact with cats while enjoying a beverage and some organic fare.
 The experience will regularly feature a range of informational exhibitions and art shows. Throughout the use of Naturalist, Intra-personal, linguistic, interpersonal, and logical-mathematical intelligences, the audience will be facing a fully immersive, exciting experience, and will walk away with a new mindset. This project aims to promote and increase animal adoption monthly and provide communities with an exciting hospitality space open to conversations about animal welfare and reform.


Bystanders are able to see into the space due to the large windows. The Graphics as well as the cats on perches gazing out the window will advertise.

The Cafe

Visitors will have an opportunity to observe and interact with cats while enjoying a warm beverage and some organic fare.

Paw Wall

Visitors can relax on a paw-shaped cut out wall dividing the space. The wall also acts as a ‘cat tree’ for cats to climb.

The Lounge

The space has various areas to relax; featuring two-tiered dining, booths, and a lounge-like setup.


Topics in the exhibition include tackling animal welfare, understanding the feline, and properly caring for pets.


At the end of their visit, those who chose to, can write ideas and feelings on post-its and add them to the wall.

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